Discover Your Purpose in Life (Ikigai in 4 Steps)

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In this article we are going to talk about a technique which reveals the secret of happiness and it is going to give your work and life balance easily It is a Japanese technique known as ikigai.

Japanese formula of happiness

Ikigai has this four major circles

1.Things you love to do

2.What world needs

3.What you can get paid for and

4.What you are good at

If you do the things that you love it will boost up your mood. If you are tired of all the work take a break do something that you love like painting dancing etc and when you do something that the world needs it gives a sense of accomplishment. Regardless of how big or small the task is.

It gives a feeling of happiness always do something that you are good at. This will help you to focus more and enjoy the work. This is not limited to work if you are good at teaching keep on teaching more people money is important you cannot live without it.

Do something that you can get paid for because no one in this world will work for free everyone has the family to look around and feed in the center of all these four circles there lies a key guy if you find all these four in one work then you are lucky or else if there is something you love and world needs it then you have a mission if you know there is something that can pay you as well as the world needs that you are under the vocation category try to focus more on improving yourself because the world needs that skill you are good at something and you get paid for it as well then you are under the profession category this is where a 9 to 5 job lives to be happy you have to keep looking for things that you love if you are good at something and that's the thing you love then you are under the passion category where aspiring artists fall in this category all you have to do is market yourself and create more and try to make money out of this by all these 4 circles you have to find the iki guy by trying to connect them all and how to manage keep on finding things that you love write down everything create a schedule every day and form or do daily exercise read more learn more and try to get some time for yourself and your loved ones play with your kids all these small accomplishments will give you happiness.

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